Coffin Dance Meme NFT sold for over $1 Million

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The video of Coffin Dance, also known as the dancing pallbearers, sold for 327 ETH on a platform called  When the auction ended, 327 ETH was around $1.05 million USD.  

Benjamin Aidoo, the creator of Coffin Dance and the NFT, announced on Twitter about the NFT sale and appreciated everyone who supported their NFT.  The funds will go to Ukrainian charity and help Ukrainian who lost their income due to the Russian invasion.

The Coffin Dance meme became one of the most popular memes of 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic.  The video gained its popularity when the video was mixed with an electronic dance music (EDM) track called Astronomia by Vicetone & Tony Igy.

Recently, twitter account @vorobyov tweeted, “Ghanaian meme star Benjamin Aidoo donated $250 thousand to the best Ukrainian defence charity. His “Coffin Dance” viral video was auctioned as an NFT token and he donated part of proceeds to the awesome folks from @BackAndAlive.”