Dominican Republic Resort Hotel Use NFT for Reservation

Source: Casa de Campo Resort & Villlas

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, a hotel and residential community in the Dominican Republic, is planning to offer customers to book rooms with NFTs.  The hotel owner believes to avoid getting stuck with excess inventory when guests cancel at the last minute.

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas has signed with the startup Pinktada, which recently launched a booking system that includes hotels from the Caribbean to Hawaii.  By signing up, the hotel guests will be able to book hotel rooms by buying NFTs through Pinktada.  By using this system, people who book hotel rooms by buying NFTs will be getting a discount compared to those who make regular reservations.  If the guest decides not to go, the NFTs can be sold to other hotel guests which may appeal to the crypto-enthusiastic traveler.

 The big advantage of this system for the hotel owner is that the owner will definitely get paid for the rooms even if the guest cancels the reservation.  For customers who book the hotel as NFT, they will be able to sell their bookings on a marketplace or use tokens for other Pinktada hotels.  

Senior vice president with Casa de Campo Resort & Villas Jason Kycek said, “We can reach another consumer that maybe isn’t booking through traditional means.”

Pinktada’s co-founder and chief hospitality officer Mark Gordon said, “You give hotel owners certainty of income, but give travelers the flexibility if their plans change to sell or swap tokens.”