Famous K-pop Girl Group Dreamcatcher NFT Collection is launching

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Dreamcatcher. Credits: Dreamcatcher Company

Enterburton (ENTC) and Dreamcatcher Company announced on Thursday April 14th that they have signed an NFT partnership and will publish a K-Pop girl group “Dreamcatcher NFT collection”. 

The Dreamcatcher NFT collection is scheduled to be minted and sold on April 20th. Dreamcatcher <Dream Connect> is an ENTC illustration of individual images of Dreamcatcher members with a worldview of ‘dream fairies that catch nightmares’ and the identity of the entire group. It is a hyper-quality PFP NFT collection that has been melted with ‘Dream Connect’, which connects dream elves to each other by possessing them like amulets through NFT.

Entc said, “We are extremely excited to publish Dreamcatcher’s NFT collection, which continues to broaden the worldview with their own unique color that no one else can touch in K-POP.” We will present hyper-quality works to those who love Dreamcatcher.”

In addition, in order to expand the collection’s ecosystem and gather the true meaning of artist NFT issuance, ENTC plans to disclose various benefits prior to sale, including pre-airdrops, which are only provided to existing collection owners and fandoms.

The airdrop schedule will be unveiled on April 18th.