Film Director Spike Lee Announces an NFT Film Concept

The legendary film director Spike Lee has recently collaborated with the content startup The Visible Project. The collaboration includes “Gotta Be Mars” NFT collection, which gives access to the “The Visible Project Portal” – a community that supports emerging filmmakers.

The legendary director, actor, and producer is leveraging NFTs to promote new talent.

Spike Lee NFT collection “Gotta Be Mars” comprises 3,945 generative NFTs derived from the original 35mm cut of Spike Lee’s debut film “She’s Gotta Have It”. Along with access to  “The Visible Project Portal” the NFT holders will receive voting rights in Visible Project decision making process and on-chain portal. In addition, NFT owners will gain in-person and digital event tickets as well as early access to special merchandise and airdrops.

Spike Lee NFTs to Launch this Summer

The project’s main goal is to build a community around film fanatics and help aspiring filmmakers package digital pitches. These filmmakers will then pitch to the Visible Project community, who will vote on their favorite. 

Visible Projects wants to eliminate gatekeepers in the film industry

The winning filmmakers will be awarded the funds necessary to turn their pitch into a reality. Furthermore, token holders who voted for the winning proposals will receive film-related merchandise and a producer credit.

At the end of season one, the Gotta Be Mars team will host the first annual visible festival, which will include live music, Keynote speakers, digital art and much more. The funded films will also be shown for the first time at the event. Both Spike Lee and The Visible Project intend to establish a new model for web3 communities that incorporates online and offline events to celebrate art in its genuine form.

Likewise, NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson has teamed up with NBA Top Shot to release the NFT collection “The anthology: Magic Johnson.”