For The Culture NFT Project Is Giving Away 0.01 ETH to 6969 Minters 

Twitter account @sibeleth, created and started a new project called For The Culture (FTC).  It is a unique project which is free to mint and users can get 0.01 ETH when minting.  The creator was planning to produce 5,000 NFTs; instead, the supply increased to 6,969 NFTs with a generous contribution of 20 ETH.  

Artchick is a NFT influencer who tweeted the idea of NFT project giving away 0.01 ETH to users who mint it.  @sibeleth replied to the tweet, “I’m gonna do this.”  

The cost of this project is 50 ETH, approximately $97,000 USD which is a tremendous amount to give away for free.  @sibeleth said in a tweet, “New project, 5k supply, free mint, minting tomorrow. You’ll get 0.01 eth when you mint instead of paying anything.”

Source: twitter account @nftftc

“No roadmap, no website. Just for the culture” is the slogan described on the official Twitter page of For The Culture.  It is the free mint NFT, however, no other details have been announced.  In the first three hours, almost 10,000 people signed up to the For the Culture’s Discord server.  At this time of writing, it now has over 28,000 members.