Go On an Epic Road Trip with Lamborghini NFTs and Collectibles

Lamborghini is back with a power-packed set of NFTs that will take the beneficiaries on a unique journey through space. The epic road trip will take the lucky owners to the moon, across unfathomable space, and to some amazing locations globally. This time, Lamborghini collaborated with NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM for the successful launch of the collection.

The airdrop of the NFTs will happen until the end of the campaign, that is, March of 2023. The new collection is the third one on the list of collectibles released by Automobili Lamborghini. 

Something Special about the New Lamborghini NFTs Collection

Indeed, the new collection has a special limited edition NFT people can collect. The company will release four NFTs four days a month. The fourth NFT will be a limited edition collectible and will have only 63 units. When the campaign ends, those who have collected all three regular NFTs or three special edition ones will get a special NFT. 

This Lamborghini NFT collection extends the company’s vision to evolve and become better. Christian Mastro, Marketing Director here, says, “Since 1963, the year of its foundation, Automobili Lamborghini has always led from the front, demonstrating this with its super sports cars that continue to be the protagonists in the dreams of children and adults all over the world. Entering the virtual world of modern collecting with NFTs is that dream’s natural translation and evolution.”

Great Partnership for NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM

The partner organizations that have helped with Lamborghini NFT creation and marketing are also excited about the new airdrop. INVNT.ATOM believes that storytelling has a huge impact on driving digital frontiers. The partners are working together to build a commendable narrative for the audience. 

NFT PRO works on the engagement segment. The organization is devising strategies to increase awareness and adoption of Lamborghini NFT collections. To this end, the latest NFT release also brings some special rewards. 

Buyers of the Lamborghini NFTs can get digital artworks and opportunities to participate in special tours. It goes without saying that the beneficiaries will go on road trips in Lamborghinis.

About Automobili Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini is a super luxury sports car manufacturer working since 1963. The company designs and manufactures world-class supercars and SUVs. These cars exhibit luxury and power while being a status symbol for many enthusiasts.

Recently, luxury UK-based car manufacturer, Bentley Motors also announced its NFT collection.