Goblin Town’s $37M NFT Breakthrough

A new NFT collection has swept the NFT community off its feet as it boasts its newly successful launch with skyrocketing sales, rising to be one of the top NFT projects of the week. 

Goblintown is one of the latest trending NFT projects of  grotesque looking creatures showcasing a wide range of barbaric features. With a collection of 10,000 NFTs, these grimly goblins have become an unprecedented success since its launch on May 22. 

As many of us know, the NFT community boasts a tight knit online community with creative individuals that come together to discuss the latest trends, knowing when to hop on the next wave and to simply socialize. 

But when the Goblintown community emerged, they took the idea of a tight knit community to the next level. Upon entering the Goblintown Twitter Space, you won’t be welcomed with members having normal conversations, but rather, members yelling “ₐₐₐₐₐₐₐᵤᵤᵤᵤᵤGGGₕₕₕₕₕ” in a 2 and a half hour long “conversation.” Talk about community spirit!

Twitter post from Goblintownwtf

Goblin Marketing

What set Goblintown apart from other projects was its unique way of marketing and garnering a community for its successful launch. NFT projects usually have a set discord for community building and exclusive member information for their upcoming project. Goblintown did not. Instead, they kept all of their community building/conversations on Twitter for everyone to see and engage in. And no, there was no catch. 

And unlike most NFT community talk, Goblintown members didn’t talk about purchasing lambos or retirement plans, but were more interested in working at McGoblinBurger using “goblin speak” such as “wendₐ bᵤᵣgᵣ”.

Unique? Definitely. While it’s an uncommon approach towards the traditional NFT community standard, you can’t deny that it is a bit refreshing to see amidst the fast pace scene. 

Goblin Success

The Goblin craze Goblintown’s success topped OpenSea’s top collections replacing Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ranking number one. *Gasp* Goblintown is currently the 13th most traded NFT collection in the course of the last month, sitting right above Meebits and CryptoPunks. 

This collection’s success has been like none other with its rather unexpected form of marketing, given the free mint and almost no marketing, hype, or influencer involvement. Goblintown’s website proudly claims that it has “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility.”

The most expensive Goblintown NFT was sold for 69.42 ETH ($136,440) as Goblintown #8995, which goes by the name of Crustybutt Da Gobblin King.