How an Indie Author Uses Ethereum and NFTs to Engage and Inspire Readers

Sci-fi book series “Lost Children of Andromeda” transcribes its content into an NFT-powered “read-to-earn” game and creative community

Sci-fi book series “Lost Children of Andromeda” written by author Jason Michael Primrose depicts the story of year 2052, where natural calamities are wreaking havoc on Earth and humanity’s days are ticking with only 215 days left. To rescue civilization, the so-called Evolutionaries must awaken and swiftly harness their talents to save all life on earth. 

Author Primrose has now turned his story into an interactive Ethereum NFT experience that serves two primary goals. On one hand, the initiative hopes to engage readers with interactive storytelling aspects, dynamic NFT collectibles, and the potential to help build characters that may be used in future novels and multimedia adaptations. On the other end, Primrose tells Decrypt, he envisions the Lost Children of Andromeda community as a gateway of ongoing workshops for aspiring artists and creativists to pursue their passions, similarly like the books’ protagonists must uncover their inner power. 

The interactive project characterizes itself as a large-scale Web3 endeavor built upon Primrose’s core story idea since he was a child. And based on the author’s idea-turned-execution, he explains that the Ethereum experiment is part interactive metagame, part creative community, part “read-to-earn” reward model, and part motivational experience.

The series’ NFT experience is powered by BeetsDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that began as an NFT collectors’ group and has since become a space that helps fund and build Web3 projects. A DAO is a group of individuals who are united by the same aim or cause, and who commonly utilize a governance token to vote on the collective’s movements.

Primrose and BeetsDAO co-founder Sasha Rosewood both share to Decrypt their shared visions of Lost Children of Andromeda turning into an NFT project powered by Web3 and inspiring future generations of creators. 

What Started It All

Lost Children of Andromeda began 30 years ago when author Primrose was a child. What started as a tale eventually turned into a pre-apocolyptic book series ultimately publishing its series’ first book “205Z: Time and Salvation” in 2021. With the help of Kickstarter crowdfunding, Primrose’s work was brought to reality.

As the NFT market grew, Primrose saw this as an opportunity to turn his creative into an interactive piece buying into the story’s future creating an impactful and meaningful opportunity for readers.

“I wanted to pioneer what it could look like for an independent author to exist in this space,” Primrose told Decrypt. “And then I thought about NFTs being a really cool way to reward readers for actually participating in the game of reading.”

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a blockchain token composed of a unique non-interchangeable data used to prove ownership of a one-of-a-kind item. Such items can include digital art, digital real estate, collectible items and more. 

Primrose uses NFT blockchain as a way for readers to actively participate in the Lost Children of Andromeda community making those engaging eligible for a free passport NFT which provides discounts for buying the Cynque – a key piece of the series’ interactive game moving forth.


The Cynque is a visual NFT asset that looks similar to a wearable device– like a futuristic smartwatch– that serves as a fundamental piece in the game experience.

There are 1,111 Cynque Genesis NFTs, all of which provide advantages in Lost Children of Andromeda. The advantages include early access to content and the unique holographic elements of each influence, and how many crypto reward tokens a holder can passively earn.

This aspect is comparable to the exclusive benefits many NFT holders acquire when obtaining certain NFT collectibles due to its uniqueness. 

Lost Children of Andromeda Twitter post.

The Cynque NFTs sell at floor price for 0.2222 ETH (about $405) to passport holders and are looking to increase to 0.3333 ETH ($610) for the public sale on June 1, after the initial passport mint window. 

After the Cynque, 5,555 DNA “Phials” will be available to users to purchase that can be destroyed in exchange for an Evolutionay character in the Andromeda world.

“We’re not making it up as we go,” BeetsDAO’s Rosewood says. “We’re just trying to present it in the most authentic way we can with the least amount of friction, to the people that we think would be interested in it.”