Instagram is adapting NFT to the platform: testing starts this week in U.S. for selected creators

Instagram is planning to introduce a feature that allows users to display their collection of NFTs on their platform. The company is testing the new NFT feature with selected creator this week. On Monday, Instagram parent company, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced they are experimenting with NFT feature on the social network in the U.S. with selected creators and collectors.

In January, Twitter launched a feature that allow users to display NFT’s they’ve created or bought in the user profile through a paid service. During the test, the NFT collectors will be allowed to showoff their collection on their profile for free.

Besides the clear bandwagoning on the NFT adaption since the start of the year for large companies like Meta, they were among the first in the “big-tech” group to publicly announce their future direction in developing into the metaverse. Last year’s October presentation by Facebook to change their name to Meta and upcoming future projects, they’ve invested heavily in Oculus and a hiring spree to ramp up development.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, publicly stated that NFTs would be coming to Instagram in March. 

The two supported NFTs will be based on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain, during the test. Other blockchain, like Solana and Flow, will be supported later on stated by Meta. Mark has stated that Instagram will also be supporting both augmented NFTs or 3D NFTs that can be integrated in Instagram Stories using Spark AR.

Despite the company’s interesting in adapting NFTs on to their platform, last month shown how easy NFT scams can still occurred. The popular Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram account had millions of dollars of NFT stolen.

Meta is starting with NFTs due to the economic potential for the metaverse while the company is exploring a wide range of web3 technology as they expand to creators and people around the world.

Other big tech companies have indicated their interest to adapt NFTs on to their platform and services. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has also hinted at the platform embrace of web3 technologies that would include NFTs in the equations for Youtube creators to generate revenue. Telegram launched their “gas free” service for crypto.