LINE officially announced to launch NFT marketplace in Japan

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LVC, a virtual asset (cryptocurrency) and blockchain subsidiary of LINE (LN), announced on Wednesday April 13th that it will officially launch ‘LINE NFT’, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in Japan.

LINE NFT is a comprehensive NFT marketplace where Users can purchase and trade NFTs on the platform and store them on the Line BITMAX Wallet, which can be accessed on Line Messenger app. In addition, exchanges and gifts with other Line users are possible.

From today, LINE NFT will sell 40,000 NFTs, such as ‘Mobile Police PATLABOR’ and the popular character ‘Betakuma’ and other famous animations. In April 20th, they plan to feature commemorative NFTs on Olympic gold medalist Kohei Uchimura as well as works from manga artist Yashiro Azuki for a limited time.

Meanwhile, Line’s global NFT platform subsidiary ‘Line Next’ is preparing to launch its global NFT platform ‘DOSI’ in July this year. Through the platform, creators can easily build an NFT brand store and global community, and receive support for NFT production and global marketing support programs. which will support companies and creators to build markets and create communities.

Line is planning for more collaborations with NFT contents. It currently has 90 million users in Japan.

In Japan, NFTs are becoming popular but the country;s crypto and NFT regulations are still on the line. Although there are many action plans that are implementing NFTs in place. 

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