Linktree Makes its Debut in the Web3 World

The most recent Linktree web3 upgrade now includes a new set of NFT features for the web3 community. As a result, Linktree users can now showcase NFTs and build a community around ownership via the app itself.

What are the new Linktree Web3 features? 

  • NFT Gallery: The new NFT Gallery link on Linktree enables users to showcase NFTs. Moreover, users can add a URL to their OpenSea NFT page to generate the preview. Creators can also connect their Metamask wallets and select upto six NFTs to display on the NFT Gallery.
  • NFT Attributes: Following the path of popular social media apps such as Twitter and Telegram, Linktree also allows creators to use NFTs as their profile image or background on their personal Linktree profile. Once verified, the NFTs will display in a hexagonal frame and will include a verification badge at the bottom of the creator’s Linktree.
  • NFT Lock: Interestingly, the new Linktree’s Web3 feature includes NFT Lock, where users can lock their links using a smart contract address. Because of the feature, only visitors who own NFTs from a specific collection can unlock the link by connecting their wallets to prove ownership. This feature enables creators to make benefit distribution easier, making it more appealing to own an NFT from their collection.

Alex Zaccaria, co-founder and CEO of Linktree, stated :

“Web3 and the power of blockchain have granted creators exciting ways to monetise their passions and build their community. As the creator ecosystem migrates towards this new iteration of the internet, Linktree is excited to provide a home for creators to aggregate their digital assets and showcase what’s important to them.”
Linktree is focusing on bringing new revenue sources and increasing value for creators and businesses following its recent $110 million USD funding round. The service is thrilled to be able to allow these individuals to promote, curate, and grow these digital services, thanks to a large and growing creator base with a strong passion for Web3.