Logan Paul launches NFTs that captures his travel around the world

Logan Paul's 99 Originals Is Just Another NFT Scam? Where To Buy?

Internet star, vlogger, and infamous social media personality, Logan Paul just launched a new NFT collection and DAO named 99 Originals. The collection is a series of 99 photos taken over 99 days with a Polaroid camera on a world traveling trip.

The limited series is 99 one-of-one unique NFTs collections. Ownership is entitled to have both the digital and the original photo with authentication and graded by PSA which grants access to the DAO.

The DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) will allow holders of the NFT a membership or seat in the organization with added benefits of voting rights to how funds are spent, access to collaboration, chats, events, and other opportunities.

The funds will be distributed into three areas. Logan, as the creator, will absorb 49%. Secondly, 50% will be placed into the treasury where members of the DAO can decide how the fund is going to be used. Lastly, the remaining 1% will be sent to Logan Paul’s Pokemon NFTs. Along with the caveat of 3.5% of secondary sales on the market will go to Logan Paul and the treasury.

To get your hands on the Original NFT, interested parties will need to go to the site originals.com and connect their wallet to place down 10% extra on the original bid to cover gas fees in ETH.