LooksRare Announced Rewarding Users For Listing NFTs 

The NFT marketplace LooksRare starts a Listing Rewards Program that enables NFT collectors and traders to earn LOOKS tokens by listing NFTs for sale on LooksRare.

The listing reward points already start being recorded from yesterday, April 20th and the first listing rewards calculation starts today, April 21st at 09:00 UTC.  In addition, the first listing rewards pay-out will be made at 11:00 UTC.  

Users will be able to earn points every ten minutes when they list NFTs from the top 25 collections featuring the listing rewards icon. The list of top 25 collections will update in real time based on rolling 24 hour volume. Therefore, the higher the global trading volume across LooksRare and OpenSea, more points will be rewarded to users.

Once a day, the points will be converted into LOOKS tokens which can be collected via the Listing and Trading Rewards page. 

LooksRare wants to increase liquidity into its market with the Listing Rewards program.  LooksRare believes that more people will use LooksRare if there are more NFTs that are for sale at a reasonable price.

At this time of writing, users can earn LOOKS tokens by staking LOOKS or by buying or selling any NFT on LooksRare.  These programs brought boosting volume on LooksRare platform.

LooksRare is the community-first NFT marketplace with rewards for participating and placed as OpenSea’s main competitor.  With its reward systems, it became popular and showed its uniqueness in the NFT community.