‘Love, Death + Robots’ Release Season 3 With NFT Scavenger Hunt

Love, Death + Robots, an adult animated Netflix series, released its third season with NFT scavenger hunt for nine hidden QR codes.

According to the website, the NFT scavenger hunt was created in collaboration with the Web3 studio Feature and includes nine hidden QR-coded digital artwork in a variety of media such as billboards, videos, and science fiction series episodes. Viewers can use their phone to scan the QR code to have access to an NFT which will be displayed on their OpenSea account.

However, this feature is only available to US viewers through a MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. Viewers have to pay the gas fee in Ethereum in order to mint the NFT they got from scanning the QR code.  

The “Love, Death + Robots” NFTs currently have a floor price around 0.003 ETH which is around  $6 USD.  Since its third season released on Netflix, the “Love, Death + Robots” NFT collection has a trading volume of $40,000 USD with more than 27,000 NFT owners.