Moonbirds NFTs Debut with over $280 Million in Sales

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The crypto sphere has flocked over to the official debut of Kevin Rose’s first project, PROOF Collective. The massively successful project has set record trading volume with the 10,000 PFPs bringing in 69,000 ETH ($207 million). 

Moonbirds has marketed itself as the “Official PROOF PFP” this means it’s a private community led by Rose and Ryan Carson. Holders of Moonbirds will access to perks like Moonbird-related drops, in-personal meetup events, and access to a private PROOF Discord channel with the cost of membership of at the least 99 ETH. The team is working on a metaverse project called “ Project Highrise.” which is a promotional factor for holders to keep their Moonbirds for future benefits.

The original estimate was set at $66million USD in sales while the launch has completely soared above expectations. As of this reporting, the lowest list is at 15 ETH 45562.89 US Dollar (USD). It has landed on the leaderboard, with top other popular projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki. Check out the collection here.