MoonBirds plans to gift out 125 NFT that was held back from the community

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The recently launched and wildly successful MoonBird, the PFP project from PROOF Collective, has release 125 NFT that was not included in the initial release and gifting it freely. On Saturday, there was a historic rise from 2.5 to 30 ETH but some of the NFTs were given to celebrities for free and have spark outrage.

The team behind MoonBird published a transparency thread yesterday to explain why there were 125 NFT held in secrecy. They’ve further explained that they were team members and some for influencers who were instrumental to the success of the project. While the rest of for marketing and strategic partnerships link brands.

The NFT community has mixed feeling when Kevin Rose, founder of the PROOF Collective and MoonBird brought up “Celebrity Bucket” as in the form of gifting to certain individuals.The reason is to bring aboard celebrities who are interested in collaborating in the project but the celebrities are able to sell their MoonBird NFT.

MoonBirds attracted so much attention from the fast trajectory growth in popularity and high floor price. The community seems to be strong and will have to see how things play out.