Netflix Partner with Candy Digital to Create Stranger Things NFTs

 Stranger Things, American science fiction horror drama television series streaming on Netflix, having partnered with NFT platform Candy Digital to drop an NFT collection before its fourth season launch.  Candy Digital will be leading the marketing campaign for this project.

The website can be found by typing “I AM HELLS MASTER” on Google.  By entering the website, the countdown timer and upside down ‘Enter” button can be found.  At the time of writing, there are around 6 hours left on the clock.  When trying to click the ‘Enter’ button, the message appears: ‘Congrats for uncovering the clues and joining Stranger Things 4’s interactive curiosity voyage, brought to you by Candy Digital and Netflix.’

Visitors who sign up for the project’s email list receive the description: “immerse yourself in the mystery by decoding messages, solving puzzles, and even collecting awards along the way.”

As of now, no specific information can be found regarding this project such as a whitelist or how the NFT will look like.  Since there were no official announcements from both of the companies, do take precaution for now.