NIKE reveals its first sneaker NFT, Cryptokicks

Nike’s acquired RTFTK a couple of months ago, the acquisition was to bring aboard the team at RTFTK who specialized in digital campaigns and digital wearable NFTs. Nike has been working in stealth mode and now finally the reveal of the first digital sneakers named Cryptokicks. The design was inspired by the Nike Dunk sneaker and marks the first step for the brand into digital clothing.

For those who own RTKT’s Mnlth, a mysterious digital box NFT that was given to owners of Clone-X, a project collaboration with Takashi Murakami, in February. Some of the holders of the Mnlth were given the reward for their diamond hands.

Cryptokicks will come in eight unique skins, and alternative designs, as a start to let people customize the sneakers with various looks and designs. The digital wear has a unique feature similar to a skill tree in video games. For those who are familiar with the Role-Playing Game item progression of unlocking new skills and features by leveling up. The plan is to allow creators and partners to design unique skins. One of the launch designs was created by Murakami.

The trademark was filed by Nike for Crytokicks early on in the week providing a sneak peek at the future roadmap. Some services that surfaced were cryptocurrency wallets, digital marketplace, online service, and technology to enable members to transfer crypto items. Nike’s CEO John Donahoe stated the “intersection of sport, creativity, gaming, and culture” as a core focus for the company to serve creators.

The Crypotkicks is just the first of many upcoming digital launches for Nike’s metaverse vision. There have been at least seven metaverse-related projects that revealed trademarks.

Not to be outdone, rival Adidas unveiled its own metaverse NFT, “Into the Metaverse” in collaboration with Web3 influencers Gmoney and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Similar to Nike’s strategy, Adidas benefits come in holders keeping their NFT in hopes of future benefits.