SEGA is betting on NFT and Cloud Streaming

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Sega has been around for over 50 years and has a fair amount of impact on the gaming landscape. In the late 90s, Sega was still a big console publisher but over the years they’ve diversified and consolidated their offerings by licensing out their IPs, working on their slots, and publishing console games.  

Like most publishers, Sega is dancing on the NFT integration with their games. During an interview with the executives and producers, they discussed their interest in the blockchain and some vague hints of a project called “Super Game.”

The summary of the concept for Super Game involves offering several games in a cloud or streaming format. No title has been announced yet or whether Sega is developing the technology in-house or in a partnership with some like Netflix, Amazon, etc. Executive VP, Shuji Utsumi, mentioned the project will be AAA title quality with a development period of five years. 

 Sega mentioned their awareness of consumers’ interaction with streaming their gameplay and watching others on services like Twitch. While they believe that NFT will provide an enhancement of their service and rich history in the annal of gaming can reward players.