Snoop Dogg Partner with Steve Aoki launching NFT EP

Rap icon Snoop Dogg and EDM pioneer Steve Aoki created a new duo, Alpha Doggz.  Alpha Doggz’ debut EP is set to release on May 23 exclusively on blockchain-based Gala Music, partnership with hip hop label Death Row Records.

Available on May 18, Gala Music x Snoop Stash Box holders and A0K1VERSE members were able to receive their own exclusive free song from Alpha Doggz, “Super Freak” ft. October London, and “Holy Grail,” respectively. 

The final three tracks from the five-song EP “Da Da”, “Girls” and “How I Do It”  will be available on May 23.

“Each track off the new EP features the rap and EDM luminaries at their creative best,” notes the press release, with “Da Da” and “Holy Grail” said to be “classic Steve Aoki club bangers,” while “Girls” and “How I Do It” clearly “evoke Snoop’s unmistakable laid back groove.”

After the acquisition of Death Row Records in February, Snoop Dogg became a hot issue in both music and NFT space.  He also mentioned that Gala Music would be the only place for Death Row Records in the Metaverse.

At an AMA session hosted by Gala Music in March, Snoop Dogg said, “We plan on giving people access to buying and trading some of these classic songs, classic records that were the foundation of Death Row.”