Star Trek going beyond the stars and into NFTs

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Paramount is set to launch its own NFT marketplace and metaverse with first starting off with their popular space sci-fi franchise, Star Trek and making it into NFT offerings. The company is partnering with Recur to create their platform called

Paramount will use Star Trek as  a springboard to test the water. The Star Trek NFTs are based on the icon spaceships and other in universe style design with a twist of “algorithmically-generated”. Purchasable in random packs at the price point of $250. There is a tier with higher likelihood of getting cooler ships with more expensive packs. You can access the higher packs by opting for “Admiral packs” instead of the standard “Captain pack” with the purchase of Recur pass which is another NFT for $290.

Collectors will be able to store their assets on Paramount’s “Star Trek Continuum.” The company wants to create a seasonal content release with other collections for characters and crewmates. Their roadmap has not been finalized yet.

The company had been active with doing partnership using the Star Trek IP from digital Funko Pops to other licensed offerings on other platforms.