The Legendary Comedy, Mr. Bean is launching a NFT collection

This is not a late April Fool’s joke, Mr. Bean is putting his iconic persona to the Metaverse by partnering with Banijay Group, global content producer, and Fomo Lab, a popular NFT management agency & marketplace.

On May 11th, a tweet was sent out from the Official Mr. Bean of the announcement of the NFT collection. The NFT design is based on the titular character, Mr. Bean and other characters from the animated series. Initially there will be 3,333 Mr. Beans NFT available on Ethereum.

The official Mr. Bean tweeted the announcement.

There are no word of the minting date as of yet but Fomo Lab created a Discord server on their site to build moment for the Mr. Bean Collection.

Who are the partners?

FomoLab is an exclusive NFT management group and marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Fomo Labs hos vetted NFTs and in partnership with celebrities – artist, rappers, athletes, musicians and influencers. Banijay is production and distribution company with some of the large content library.

During the current bear market for crypto and NFT, it won’t be a surprise to see the project minting be set in later time as the market recover.