The Nelk Boys Full Send Metacard NFT sold out within minutes

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Infamous for their highly erratic pranks, Canadian-American prank stars, The Nelk Boys, launched their own NFT Project which sold out in just two minutes. 

Belk Boys

The Nelk Boys have dominated the social media industry with their wildly bizarre party and prank-filled videos with a massive fan base of over 7.38 million subscribers on youtube and 4.4 million followers on instagram. Pulling in millions of fans from all over the world, the Canadian – American group have now entered the NFT space with their new Full Send Metacard.

Named after their brand Full Send, the Nelk Boys launched their first NFT project and just like their content, the Full Send Metacard was a huge hit with their viewers. They made their announcement on social media causing a flock of fans to join their discords eager to learn more.

Full Send Metacard Uses

With a collection of 10,000 Metacards, their NFTs sold out within minutes of their launch, each NFT priced at 0.08 ETH ($2,300 USD). 

According to the website’s description, “the Metacard is an exclusive NFT membership pass built on the Ethereum blockchain for the Full Send community.”

“With Metacard you’ll get utilities across the digital and physical world.”

The Full Send Metacard serves as a membership pass into the Full Send world. The Nelk boys plan to expand their brand into the real and digital world. 

Their OpenSea description explains, “As a company, the FULL SEND goal is to launch more FULL SEND branded ventures, which include lounges, gyms, festivals, casinos, restaurants, and more. FULL SEND is going international.

“Owning a FULL SEND METACARD allows you to get in early on what is the beginning of a long journey for the FULL SEND brand.”

Full Send Metacard NFT 

You can find the Full Send Metacard NFT on their OpenSea with a current floor price at the time of writing at 0.61 ETH ($1,816 USD).