Thomas Edison NFT sells original lightbulbs as NFTs

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Soon to light up the metaverse, NFT project Charmsori Edison Club, announces on their Twitter that they will be selling 10 physical assets as a part of their pre-sale drop. 

Each of the physical assets will be paired with their Legendary EdisonLightX NFT collection, meaning that there will only be 10 NFTs in their pre-sale. Talk about exclusivity. 

In their twitter post, Charmsori Edison Club announced that the 10 physical assets that will be sold along with their EdisonLightX collection will be none other than the original light bulbs created by Thomas Edison himself. 

This is made possible due to their partnership with the Edison Gramophone & Science Museum in Gangneung, South Korea where they house over 5,000 of Thomas Edison’s original inventions dating back to the 1880s. 

According to their website, the Director of the museum, Son Seong-Mok, has released a limited number of Edison’s inventions to the NFT project, allowing them to sell the light bulbs as physical assets.

This is pretty big news considering that Thomas Edison’s original light bulbs are valued for thousands and thousands of dollars. In 2016, a set of Edison’s light bulbs were sold at an auction site in Dallas,Texas for $30,000. Christie’s Auction House in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles reported that some of Edison’s light bulbs can range in value from $75,000 to $113,500. 

How does it work? 

Although details have still not been released, we do have some information on how it will be executed. First off, the physical assets will be anonymously tied to the EdisonLightX NFTs. So buyers won’t know which physical light bulb they will be receiving, but are able to reserve the physical assets when purchasing the NFTs. They will then be given the option to either have the physical light bulb shipped to them, or kept safely for them by Charmsori Edison Club. 

Thomas Edison’s work has left a forceful impact on the world we know of today, making this project so much more meaningful. To keep yourself updated, make sure to check out their Twitter and website for release on their dates and other announcements.