Top 3 NFT Projects With Long-Term Growth Prospects

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The NFT market is currently crowded. In comparison to last year, demand for PFP-NFTs has gradually decreased. As a result, projects are incorporating more elements, such as metaverse and P2E tags, to fuel speculation.

However, some NFT projects have been unaffected by the market crash and have even increased in value. Some of the factors that have contributed to their long-term success include an ambitious roadmap, real utility, and competent teams.

What are the top NFT projects for long term investment?

  1. Silks

Approximately 20,000 foals are registered as thoroughbred racehorses in the United States each year. Yearling auctions sell them for an average of USD 60,000 before they reach the age of one. They are then extensively fed, trained, and housed in preparation for races that draw large crowds. Silks combine the multibillion-dollar horse racing and video gaming industries with an enticing play-to-earn mechanism.

You can buy Silks Genesis Avatars from OpenSea 

Through mining, the community-owned gaming model integrates massive data sets representing stallion bloodlines, training progress, and racing results onto the blockchain. The process was essential in the development of Silks Horses, which are derivative NFTs that mimic real-world horses.

Silks distinguishes itself with a long-term vision and a well-defined roadmap. When the majority of the NFT market crashed in the recent chaos, Silks Avatar NFTs saw a 50 percent increase in value from 0.2 ETH to over 0.313 ETH at the time of writing.

  1. VeeFriends — Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection

Gary has successfully created a community around his creative and business interests in VeeFriends. By holding the NFT, you become a member of this community.

The NFTs feature human traits that lead to happiness and success.

It also grants you three years of access to VeeCon, a multi-day event that is only open to NFT holders. In the NFT space, the event focuses on business, marketing, ideas, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and competition. Each NFT sale will incur a 10% royalty fee, which will be directed to the project. One percent of this goes to charity.

The first VeeFriend collection included 10,255 tokens. Furthermore, VeeFriends is a smart project that combines human and innovative elements. The project will contribute to DAOs that promote renewable energy and carbon offsets in order to mitigate the environmental risks associated with NFT minting and sales.

  1. Cool Cats

Cool Cats is currently one of the most popular projects on the NFT market. It is a collection of NFTs created algorithmically that operate on Ethereum.

The appealing aspect about Cool Cats is that it is not just another profile picture project as the project is working on a cool metaverse called Cooltopia. This metaverse will be a gamified ecosystem built on engagement, utility, community rewards, and brand collaborations.

Cool Cats NFTs are currently selling on OpenSea for an average price of 3.18 ETH

In addition, Cool Cats’ community-driven and owner-centric approach are one of the key factors that contribute to its long-term growth potential.

The project gives back 20% of the funds raised to the community. The NFTs grant you community decision-making authority. As an NFT holder, you assist the team in determining the direction of the project’s development.