Top Web3 Projects Of May 2022 and What Makes Them Unique

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The month of May was all about major brands diving into Web3. Not only did the projects include NFTs, but a variety of them used the full potential of the metaverse to provide benefits as well as utility.

In a new monthly roundup, we look at the key players, Web3 initiatives, and NFT fashion collaborations you should be aware of.

To put it briefly, the top highlights include Balenciaga and Gucci announcing pilot programs to offer cryptocurrency payments in their retail stores. In other news, the Institute of Digital Fashion teamed up with Chet Lo and Rupaul’s Drag Race UK star Tayce to create an immersive experience called “Second Skin Couture.” Bella Hadid, Madonna, and Charli XCX all made their respective entrances into the metaverse.

The most important Web3 events in May 2022

1) Bella Hadid made her metaverse debut with an exclusive NFT collection

Bella Hadid launched her first metaverse venture, a “CY-B3LLA” NFT collection. The collection compromises ten series of 1,111 NFTs, making a total of 11,111 NFTs. The supermodel has teamed up with reBASE, a company that specializes in geo-based minting.

Bella Hadid “CY-B3LLA” NFT collection

Moreover, NFT holders will also have the opportunity to visit “real-life venues and events all over the world, where Bella may even meet the collectors.”

2) Madonna and Beeple released three NFTs on SuperRare

Madonna collaborated with Beeple on an exclusive NFT release titled “Mother of Creation.” The NFT collection includes three single-edition NFTs featuring distinct motherhood phases of life. The musician’s narration guides viewers through the series, providing context for each piece.

Mother of Creation by Madonna X Beeple

The musician’s narration guides viewers through the series, providing context for each piece.

3) Prada has announced an NFT collection as well as its own WEB3 Discord community

The Italian luxury brand introduced an NFT collection dubbed “Timecapsule” with accompanying physical products. The Timecapsule NFT is set to release on June 2nd, with additional monthly releases.

Furthermore, the brand is engaging directly with the digital fashion and gaming communities with the launch of their own Discord channel, ‘Prada Crypted.’

4) Gucci has started accepting cryptocurrency in its North American stores

Gucci, as one of the first luxury houses to embrace the metaverse, has made waves throughout the Web3 ecosystem. The company announced that it will start accepting cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

The blockchain service will be tested in five U.S. stores before being expanded to retail locations across North America later this summer. Also, Gucci Vault has launched Gucci Town, a Roblox metaverse destination where customers can play games, buy skins, and connect with Gucci community members.

5) Pantone entered the metaverse with the support of Spatial Labs

Pantone made headlines in the digital world by announcing a collaboration with metaverse company Spatial Labs. The collaboration will result in a wearable device that will improve Web3 color experiences.

The team hopes to bridge the physical and digital worlds with the Pantone SkinTone Guide, which will allow digital designers to create their own avatars. The collaboration will then launch a limited-edition clothing collection in the Spatial Labs universe as the next step.

6) Charli XCX partnered with Samsung to create a unique Roblox metaverse experience

Charli XCX’s collaboration with Samsung and Roblox resulted in the addition of yet another musician to the metaverse. The pop singer created “Superstar Galaxy,” a metaverse experience which enables fans to curate customizable stages and compete for a chance to digitally perform with her.

Samsung Superstar Galaxy on Roblox featuring Charli XCX

Charli XCX says in a press release, “The partnership will give my community access and the ability to experience me in ways they previously have not been able to, which is extremely exciting.” The Roblox game, Superstar Galaxy is available in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

7) INJURY’s 2022/23 collection was showcased through the lens of a CGI short film

INJURY, an Australian label, debuted its 2022/23 collection in a multiverse style at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022. The “Rare Reality” collection is inspired by anime and gaming subcultures and features otherworldly avatar models.

INJURY’s first CGI fashion show, “The Butterfly’s Dream,” premiered at AAFW 2021 and was followed by “Rare Reality.” DressX now offers gender-neutral digital fashion garments with the option of ordering their physical counterparts through its made-to-order service.

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