VeVe Partner with ERB, Inc. to Drop Tarzan NFTs

VeVe, an app-based NFT marketplace for licensed digital collectibles, is launching Tarzan digital comic NFT with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. which owns the Tarzan intellectual property.  It is the first NFT platform that offers NFTs collaboration with Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, Givenchy, Coca-Cola and Pixar.  

Tarzan of the Apes #207 with five different cover

The company is launching a total of 15,700 NFTs which contains issue of Tarzan of the Apes #207.  It is fully readable and will be available for purchase on June 3, 8AM PT.  The NFT collection is categorized into 5 cover rarities in blind box format: Common (8,000 NFTs with classic cover), Uncommon (4,500 NFTs with black & white cover), Rare (1,972 NFTs with gold cover), Ultra Rare (1,021 platinum cover), Secret Rare (207 NFTs with variant cover).  

The issue of Tarzan of the Apes #207 first published in 1972, written and illustrated by Joe Kubert.  This was the first time Kubert brought his creative talents to the Lord of the Jungle, depicting him as if no one had ever done it.  

“Tarzan has proven to be a timeless character, maintaining his perennial qualities of strength, courage, protector of wildlife and the environment, and defender of those in need, even as he adapts to the changing world,”  said Jim Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. “Every generation has its Tarzan, and its own way of experiencing the ape-man’s adventures, and this generation is no different. We are extremely proud and excited to partner with Veve to bring Tarzan into the new frontier of digital collectibles, where we are certain the Lord of the Jungle will once again triumph.”

“Tarzan is one of pop culture’s most enduring characters and we’re thrilled to bring him and this iconic comic series into the digital world,” said David Yu, Co-Founder of VeVe. “We believe Veve is a wonderful way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this comic as well as Tarzan’s and Joe Kubert’s ongoing legacy for fans to cherish forever.”