Visa launches Program to draw in NFT-focused Entrepreneurs

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In the last couple of years, big companies have expanded their effort to help small businesses get off the ground. Seeing that the burgeoning NFT marketplace for creative entrepreneurs is on the rise, the payment giant Visa unveiled its campaign to expand their operations with small business and non-fungible tokens (NFT). 

Initially, focused on select creative entrepreneurs working in the art, fashion, music and film industries to incorporate NFTs into their business models. 

According to Visa, they have already started their Creator Program with a one-year immersion into the world of NFTs with technical and product mentorship in order to build community through leading and inserting themselves into the mix.

Visa has also initiated a stipend program for creators with the final numbers and logistics yet to be finalized.

There are already 50 million artists, musicians, designers and other content creators generating revenue from their published work. The creator economy is estimated to be over $100 billion in market size.

The plan from Visa was announced back in October. During this time, a partnership with former professional baseball player Micah Johnson, who created a company called Aku. A digital asset company creating NFTs.

The company is creating a bridge between Visa’s clients and partners. Their strategy leadership and crypto product producers are looking into trade-offs between underlying blockchain networks, NFT marketplaces and smart contracts. 

This announcement came after Visa’s acquisition of a single CryptoPunk for $150,000 in Ethereum last August. The purchase was their approach to understanding the infrastructure requirements and how that affects global brands leveraging NFTs.

There are many things still at work but it seems like the transition to easier purchase of NFT is closer each day.