Web 3 company Polium announced the first “NFT games console”

Polium, a Web 3 company, has introduced the Polium One, an NFT game console that it describes as “the world’s first multi-chain gaming console.”

The NFT gamimg console will be capable of 8K HDR at 120fps

However, the gaming community has already expressed some strong criticism of the device. While some have criticized Polium One’s connections to NFTs in general, others are considerably more upset that the new console’s logo resembles that of the still beloved Nintendo GameCube.

What will Polium’s NFT game console feature?

The new console will support games created using various blockchains. The company further commented, “The console will be powerful enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for a traditional gamer who doesn’t understand Web 3.”

Polium has also stated that the console will be available in the third quarter of 2024. And that you will only be able to pre-order the item if you have a “Polium Pass.” A Polium Pass is an NFT on the Ethereum network, and 10,000 of them will be issued.

Furthermore, the controller for the NFT console will have a fingerprint scanner built-in. It will also have a button for the player’s wallet, which will make it easier for them to get to their money. Polium says this “multi-chain wallet” is for “trading, swapping, staking, and receiving cryptocurrency.”

On the other hand, many people took to social media to criticize the console for ‘Copying’ GameCube Logo. The NFT video game system developers attempted to counter by pointing out that the GameCube’s logo included a “G.” The Polium One, on the other hand, has a “P.” Realizing that answer wasn’t enough to appease the public, the business eventually tweeted that there are a number of companies with extremely similar logos and that the objective was never to mimic the GameCube.