World of Women Reveals Utility of WoW Capacitors NFTs

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World of Women (WoW) recently announced the launch of WoW Capacitors NFTs, a utility token that can be used to purchase products and services within the WoW ecosystem.

Over the past few weeks, the WoW community has come together to solve multiple clues in morse code on Twitter, Discord and even a Times Square billboard. As a result of their efforts, WoW holders received 10,000 Blue Capacitors, while WoWG holders received 21,738 Green Capacitors as part of a surprise activation.

World of Women NFT art in many colors
WOW: The powerful, and diverse Women NFTs that have already made their name a staple in the NFT space.

What’s the Big Deal About WOW Capacitors NFTs?

The Blue Capacitor will transport holders to the Origin Residence, while the Green Capacitor will transport them to the Nebula Quarters. If a holder has both NFTs, they can also link both places together with a portal. To change the capacitors’ locations, holders must enter the WoWverse, a virtual world created by the team that made World of Women.

Capacitor holders will soon have a big decision regarding their digital assets. Starting Aug 31, they’ll be able to redeem their NFTs for virtual homes on OnCyber, a Web3 world-building engine and virtual reality platform. Alternatively, they can choose to save the NFT for the next season.

WOW Community: An Initiative for the Women into Digital Space

WoW has always been about creating a supportive, open-minded community on Web3. A big part is ensuring women feel welcome in the space and empowering them to express their digital identities. The Capacitors reveal is another step forward in achieving this goal.

World of Women introduced its holders to the idea of WoW Capacitors NFTs through a series of clues written in Morse Code. Through these early mystery drops, they encouraged community building and teamwork as holders joined forces to solve the clues.Β 

The capacitors signify WoW’s journey into the metaverse. According to the team, the usefulness of the WoW Capacitor NFTs is paramount to taking the community beyond PFPs (profile pictures) and into a realm where people can create and explore digital identities.