Crypto Ball Z p2e game will launch in WEMIX

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Pre-register now for ‘Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX’!

A Joycity’s subsidiary, Mojito Games, will be launching a brand new P2E game, ‘Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX’, and is now accepting pre-registrations.

‘Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX’ is a P2E mobile shooting game fused with idle RPG elements where the characters from ‘Game of Dice’,  a game loved by 50 million fans around the world, will fight alongside players. The game’s idle RPG aspects allow the gameplay to be fun and easy for players of all kinds.

‘Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX’ introduces a remarkable mining system, which is the core element of P2E games, in the form of Drone searches, adding an easily accessible and convenient element to the gameplay. Through the Drone search, players can earn Herostones which can be used for various in-game purposes such as upgrading Heroes, or these Herostones can be exchanged for the utility token, ‘HERCO’.

Mojito Games is also planning on releasing fantastic NFT Commanders which can provide various buffs that increase mining efficiency, the chance of obtaining top tier Heroes and more! A total of 8 NFT Commanders will be premiered during 2 Pre-Sale Events that will take place from April 19th to April 24th via the WEMIX Auction.

A massive Airdrop event is also being planned where a total of 5 million HERCO will be given away. The event will take place in 3 different phases during the pre-registration period, and last until the actual launch of the game.

These events are open and easily accessible for all participants, by simply completing some simple missions anyone can take part!

In addition to the Airdrop event, there will be a variety of other events for the community to enjoy.

The pre-registration for ‘Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX’  is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For more information regarding NFT pre-sales, the Airdrop event, and game info, please visit the official website (

Prior to the launch of Crypto Ball Z, Joycity has successfully launched ‘Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict’, a P2E war strategy game, last February.