Klaytn, Neowiz and Neopin to launch its P2E game ‘Crypto Golf Impact’

Crypto Golf Impact is a mobile sports game that is set to be officially released in April. It is a revamp of ‘Golf Impact’, which was selected as one of the Top 25 best sports games for iOS by Pocketgamers, with the integration of NEOPIN blockchain technology. The game provides intuitive controls and is optimized so that players can enjoy real-time PVP (player-vs-player) gameplay with other players across the world. After the launch of ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ in April, Neowiz plans to roll out other P2E titles from their lineup on the Klaytn-based NEOPIN platform within the second quarter of this year.

Neowiz states, “We are proactive in the development of blockchain games and keen on retaining the core gaming ‘essence’ while providing the natural blockchain experience,” adding on, “we are working closely with the Klaytn Foundation and other partners to achieve global success in the market.”

Regarding the airdrop and continuous partnership with Neowiz, Klaytn Foundation states, “Starting with our support for Crypto Golf Impact, our initiative is to facilitate their acclimation into the ecosystem within the blockchain gaming market, all the while actively supporting other game developers in their integration of blockchain technology.”

The strategic partnership between the two organizations includes coordination on various areas of play-to-earn projects from development, technical and strategic marketing support.

For 2022, Neowiz is expected to showcase three P2E titles that will be on the Klaytn mainnet-based NEOPIN blockchain, namely, ‘Crypto Golf Impact’, ‘BRAVE NINE’, and ‘A.V.A’.

reference: https://medium.com/klaytn/klaytn-neowiz-and-neopin-to-launch-150k-airdrop-event-for-its-p2e-game-crypto-golf-impact-34788c370d0f