Luckmon Raises $1.3 Million in Pre-Seed Round Funding to bring popular casual games reward platform

If you enjoy playing match 3 games like Candy Crush or Cookie Jam, as well as other casual games like Solitaire, but also enjoy making money? You’ve reached the all-inclusive package treat! This time, however, we’re talking about Luckmon Games: Reward. 

Luckmon, a casual mobile game development startup based in Irvine, California, has officially announced its early-round pre-seed fundraising has closed on a whopping $1.3 million. Angel investors in the round include Chang Kim (CEO of Tapas Media), Thor Chan (CEO of AAX), Changsu Lee (CEO of Allganize), Jay Lee (CEO of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce), K2G Tech Fund, and Primer Sazze Venture Capital Partners. The funding will be used to further expand Luckmon’s casual gaming product pipeline, supporting players and games across mobile.

Luckmon, a reward-based mobile gaming platform, is re-inventing the play-to-earn gaming model by applying fresh ideas to time-tested ideas. Luckmon offers mobile games to players based on their gaming interests, ranging from the most popular classic casual games to recently discovered gems. Luckmon games also includes a  touch of competitiveness to the platform where users can connect with friends and compete in tournaments.

“Our mission is to become the best casual gaming platform out there for everyone everywhere. Luckmon games isn’t about who the best player is, it’s for anyone who loves to play games and make money!” comments David Son, CEO of Luckmon. “Our team is currently developing popular casual mobile games that are free to play and reward players with Luckmon’s in-app currency gems. These gems are awarded to players who continue to play Luckmon games and can be accumulated as they play different modes, challenges, and completing daily missions. It’s really endless. Then of course, the gems can be exchanged for gift cards that we have in-shop.” 

Some of the giftcards they have available in their app are Visa, Paypal, Amazon, etc where users can exchange their gems earned by playing Luckmon games into gift cards. 

120 Countries, 100K Downloads

Luckmon Games: Reward, Beta version is available in 120 countries, with 150,000 downloads as of today.  Luckmon Games currently offers popular casual games, Solitaire, Sudoku, and Chess into one app, creating an All-In-One casual games hub. It is reported that they will add up to 10 or more different casual games in the upcoming months. This project’s development team includes casual gaming industry leaders from Zynga, GSN, Mobilityware, and others. Furthermore, Luckmon plans to collaborate with a diverse variety of non-local companies to include casual games into their offers, possibly reaching and entertaining tens of millions of casual game users worldwide. 

Luckmon is currently available on iOS and Google Play.