Ultima’s Lord British Richard Garriott is making a NFT game

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Ultima Series is the pioneer in role-playing video games as it paved the way for the Western RPGs multiple times in its phenomenal journey. Today’s MMORPGs have their roots linked with ultima online. The inspirational journey continues as it accomplishes a very well-deserved title in this series, with Richard Garriott, commonly regarded by fan clubs as ‘Lord British ‘making another MMO. However, the most remarkable feature of this MMO is incorporating the latest Blockchain technology for its incorporation.The game will be a top-down fantasy RPG in the vein of the Ultima series. The game will 

Richard Garriott said,“In 1997 my team at Origin published the first true massively multiplayer online game. Ultima Online created something new, and spawned a genre that has continued to evolve and grow for more than 25 years. We’re seeking to create that same magic to evolve and reinvigorate MMOs once again.”

Garriott Further has the services of the much-revered Todd Porter as they embark on this different journey in the crypto-based world. The two creative geniuses are expected to take a unique approach as they intend to overcome any loopholes to create a masterpiece of its own.  Hacking remains a serious issue until now as thefts of Axie Infinity NFTs, worth in excess of 600 million USDs, left the crypto world wondering in the past.   

Richard Garriott said,”Ultima has an enormous fanbase of 25+ million players,” added Porter. “Our mission is to take MMOs to the next level, offering this huge fan base the opportunity to help build our next title, and to shape the next version of RPG the same way that Richard and I shaped those in the past.”

Though the idea of this much-anticipated crypto-based game is in its initial stage, such is the reception for both Garriott and Porter that fans and gaming enthusiasts seem all set for it. Though the name hasn’t been officially announced yet, it is known that the game will base on the modern spin on the Ultima Format. In the build-up to the game, Porter announced that the game would generate revenue through the NFT-based land sale and have already secured the funding for it. 

This was received well among the gaming circles as the fans and players can now own the specific portions of the game in the form of NFTs. While the fans anxiously wait for the official launch of the full game, glimpses shared so far have revealed square land plots with topsoil and rocks in their composition, giving it a classy look. You can learn more about the upcoming ultima series game by reading the original interview with Richard Garriott.